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Advait Pharmasol is the Best Manufacturer and Exporter of Pharmaceutical Sprays in India

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Natural, Ayurvedic and Topical Formulations

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Compliance with EU GMP and WHO GMP

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Welcome to

Advait Pharmasol Pvt. Ltd.

Advait Pharmasol Pvt. Ltd. is a Manufacturer and Exporter of innovative Pharmaceutical sprays with natural, ayurvedic, and topical formulations. To this end, Advait Pharmasol operates as a finished formulations company in the Aerosol and nutraceuticals segment, offering a diversified portfolio of high-quality innovative pharmaceutical sprays and ayurvedic spray oils.
Our products are designed to combat everything from the onset of muscle pain, to on-the-go sanitization, and protection from mosquitoes. We aim to identify and solve the problem areas of Health and Wellness in people by designing products that effectively help overcome the same.
With years of experience in the pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals industry, Advait has built up a reputation in manufacturing nature-based pharmaceutical sprays and ayurvedic oils that provide effective and easy use of ayurvedic formulations for general health and wellness.

Our team of experts work day in and day out to create products that have ingredients that are strongly rooted in nature and have untapped properties that can be maximized for overall benefit.

At Advait, we are committed to Quality and Optimizing Care for customers. Through continuous learning and improvement, we have curated products that will fulfill the multiple needs of our customers. Our pharmaceutical sprays include one-of-a-kind natural sprays dedicated to safe and healthy use of nature-derived ingredients for special Diabetic and Orthopedic purposes as well as Topical formulations for First Aid and everyday hygiene and disinfecting needs.

Our State-Of-The-Art manufacturing facilities are cGMP compliant and conform to the National and Internal Standards meaning we provide the best of nature with the help of the best of technology!


Advait Pharmasol’s pharmaceutical sprays have a superior dispensing system with modern packaging that improves ease of application, storage, safety, and comfort. As compared to the traditional pharmaceutical formulations, the aerosol spray technology, the pharmaceutical sprays bring a range of benefits like:

  • 100% product emptying
  • Longer Shelf Life with Zero preservatives
  • Controlled spray to target areas
  • Zero wastage of product
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to use
  • Safety of storage
  • Effective usage and reaping of medicinal effects

Pharmaceutical Sprays


Pharmaceutical sprays are medicinal formulations that are administered orally through application. It is essentially a dynamic mixture of liquid medicines dispensed through an atomized spray. The pharmaceutical spray allows easy application of medicinal formulation on the targeted muscle for systemic medicinal effects and faster relief.

Advait Pharmasol’s range of pharmaceutical sprays includes Mosquito Repellant Spray, Pain Relief Spray, Antiseptic Germicidal Spray, Burn Relief Spray, and Wound Bandage Spray.

Ayurvedic Spray Oils

Ayurvedic Spray Oils are Ayurvedic formulations that are meant to be administered orally for pain relief. These ayurvedic formulations are age-old ayurvedic recipes, essentially a blend of essential oils, herbs, and natural extracts, that are scientifically tested and formulated for prompt relief from muscle and joint pain. Advait Pharmasol’s range of ayurvedic spray oils is made of scientifically tested ayurvedic ingredients. These include Orthopain-Ad Spray and Diabetes Foot Care Deep Heat Oil.

Advait Pharmasol – Our Belief

Advait Pharmasol Pvt Ltd. was founded with a guiding vision of creating a healthy and thriving environment through a range of innovative, natural, ayurvedic, and topical formulations especially in spray delivery dosage form i.e. pharmaceutical sprays, and ayurvedic spray oils. As a result-oriented holistic organization, we aim to bring along age-old ayurvedic recipes with new-age resources and a personal touch to elevate general health and well-being.

With a collective experience of over 60 years in the industry, we:

  • Bring innovative pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products derived from natural and ayurvedic ingredients
  • Design high-quality customized innovative products for pain relief, hygiene, health, and wellness
  • Manufacture products under complete compliance to cGMP, WHO standards, and stringent quality control
The Pharmaceutical Sprays for First Aid & Personal Care

    We believe that the key to strengthening the foundation of a responsible brand lies in consistently achieving high standards of quality in everything we do. Quality is embedded at every stage of our operations, including procurement, manufacturing, delivery, and safe product disposal.
    We understand that adequate and timely investment in strengthening our quality management protocols promises long-term benefits in terms of eliminating the cost of failure, enhancing Customer confidence, and bolstering compliance.
    Through our range of Pharmaceutical Sprays, Natural Ayurvedic oils, and Personal Care Products, we promise to deliver a strong customer experience, ease of use, and nature-derived products at the doorstep of our customers with utmost efficiency.  
    Our focus has been to enhance our Quality Management Systems to meet and exceed the current expectations of regulatory authorities such as WHO, EU GMP, etc.
    We’re committed to achieving zero-defect ayurvedic solutions and implement strict quality controls to ensure that every product released from its manufacturing facility adheres to all applicable quality and regulatory standards.

Our Vision:

To become a leading Finished Formulations Company in the Aerosol and Nutraceuticals segment by offering a diversified portfolio of high-quality innovative products

Our Motto: Spirit of Wellbeing

To inculcate a spirit of well-being by promoting and providing the experience of Good health and hygiene, leading to physical and mental prosperity.